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Tanaka's performance will be sent to the whole world on YouTube live. It is a co-star with young clarinet players Sachika Soeishi and Yuka Ogata. Not only to mention the performance, there is also a frank talking between Tanaka and young people.

Sachika Soeishi and Yuka Ogata will play the Czech composer V.kalabis's clarinet duo!! Very nice music!!

Everyone! Don't forget to watch!


W.A.Mozart "Divertiment No. 3"

J.S.Bach "Invention" sinfonia "No. 1, No. 3, No. 7"

V.kalabis " Tři impresse pro dva klarinety" 1st mov.

Tchaikovsky ”Dance of the reed-flutes” remix T.NODA

J.Hokoyama "Clarinet Trio"

E.Kitamura "Aun Socyo"