田中 正敏 Masatoshi TANAKA









Masatoshi Tanaka Clarinet player

Children start dancing, the elderly sing! Everyone forgets the time when he plays the clarinet from classical to Japanese folksong and J-pop music.

Making the most of the clarinet's sound, the performance that catches the audience's heart is used to relieve the tension and excite various events.

At the welfare site, medical staff cheers. He has a great track record of playing in various fields.

Conducting unique live performances such as the "African Black Wood Live", which featured talks and videos on the theme of musical instruments and the environment. A musician who communicates about the global environment through the clarinet.

At the Clarinet Salon, which has continued for about 30 years with students from the Music College, the students themselves run a camp and dare to throw a coin for the community. Practicing educational activities rooted in life.

Many musical instrument selection results. He has been teaching for 40 years at elementary, middle and high school wind bands. Many young fans continue to play after graduation, and he started a clarinet classroom in 2013 to provide performance instruction.

After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, he finished the French National Conservatory of Music in France with the first prize...

In 2017 and 2019, he was a lecturer of "Clarinet Days" presided over by the Czech Academy of Arts in Prague.

Lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University and Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Director of NPO "Music on the Corner". Director of Camp Planets Co., Ltd.。